Friday, March 16, 2007


Hey Raam..

Why your birth

Becomes a curse?

Whenever your crowning ceremony comes

Our humanity has been exiled.

Hey Raam

Why have you got rebirth

From Godse’s gun

And Mahatma’s death?

Hey Raam..

Your ramarajya was the witness of vaalivadha

And the killer land of human rights

Hey Raam

Why seetha’s body was burnt alive

In your agni –paritchaa?

Hey Raam

You are living even in the

Monkey’s heart


Refuses to stay on rental

With men’s heart!

Hey Raam..

We have destroyed the I-cards

Issued by your kingdom

The I-card of Hindu




All were burning under the firewood.

Hey Raam..

We don’t need

Any avathaara purush!

We were exiling them out

From the Indian continent

Hey Raam

This is not the order of

Your king dashrathaa

This is not the wish of

Your queen kaikaye

This is the curse of seethaa

The daughter of


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