Saturday, March 17, 2007

Boon I asked

God has come

In my morning dream

Waking me with his basket of boons

“ do you want a boon to write your poem?’

No, My lord, the spring of writing not yet dried’

,”do you want a bunglow at mumbai?

No , my lord, I prefer to live with honest people

‘ do you want inheritor to write your name in the history?’

Oh, no sir, my two children will certainly do that. –

Oh my dear, then what do you want,

Tell me that

Otherwise how will I know

The god who knows everything

Asking me all these.

Looking at his gloomy face

I have decided to ask one boon

God you know everything

You know our needs

You know our greeds

I will not put you in trouble

By asking a boon of living for ever

You adisankaraa..

The power of mahasakthi (power)

Nothing great to ask

Just do me one small favour

Our electric trains should come on time

Let us enjoy the hanging travel

Before I finished my words

Our Lord vanished.

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