Friday, March 16, 2007

पोएम 2

My dear daughter

My dear daughter

Why are you punishing me?

As a little baby

In the crying cradle

I left you

With the baby sitter

With your feeding bottle

Are you punishing me

For that?


Holding my hands

And walking like a poem

Your school bag with me

Crying loudly on the road

Asking me to come to your school

Everyone on the road

Watching you and me

I had left you in the school-bus

And ran to catch my train


iam crying in silence

when will you come to me?

Little baby

You have given me

The best awards of the world

That is me – the mother-


Still my hands were holding you

the chest were feeling your smell

No it is not at all a dream

My dear

To fulfill your dreams

My dreams were sold

I was running to get everything

Under the sky

Just for you

And your excellance

In this running race

You know baby

What I have got?

This is my last breath

Waiting for you

You are saying

‘exams for your children

no holidays etc etc’

do you know

there is no holidays

for the yama raj.?

Iam just begging your one day

Come dear

The day will not for me

It will be the day of mother and daughter

You .. young mother

Come soon

It will be the

Day for us.

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