Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mahanagara Kavithaa


How to get in?

Any time

Any where.

the rush will be there always

Getting in or coming out

Can you decide?

stand in the right side

Or wrong side



There is no guarantee

getting down at right side.

Starchy ironing cotton sarees

Walking with costly Bata legs

All will be crumbled

The city never sleeps

It runs with wooden legs

With its magestic steps

It walks through the lights of human eyes

To reach the point of glory

Reddish lipstick

Sleeping windows

Pink bra laces

With back open blouses

Vegetable baskets

Waiting for the dadar station

Flowers girls selling the flowers

Like a dancing women at kala ghoda

The baby is sucking the milk

And watching the crossing trains

The mother is sleeping

With her front open

The door side is dumped

With bags and beggers

Jakkas team

Walking in style

Their nylon sarees

Showing their hips

A young girl

With a ring on her navel

Born with her cell phone

My face will be there

Hanging somewhere

The smelling fishes

Sleeping under the seats

Vadaa pav mixes with the fragrance of

Jasmine flowers

Morning oil path

Shining in the flying hair

It is sweating

And wetting my petticoats

My seat will be there

In between the checchi’s shoulders

And mauvsi’s thigh

It is very rare to get that gap

Sometimes it may click

At that time

I have to finish the lines

Before my station arrive

To confirm

Me and my poems were still alive.

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  1. Hi ma... Post this poem in Tamizh... the English version doesnt do justice to the emotion of this poem. So post this in English.. :-) i Liked that better!