Tuesday, June 3, 2014


By Political Party leaders !

180 Atrocities against Dalit Women Reported by National English Media
from 01 dec 2012 to 16 dec 2013
 : Brutal Rape, Murder, Assault & Gang rape of Dalit Women & Minors!
Do the system, civil society, Mainstream Movements really Honest for Justice?

After more then 200 major atrocity against Dalit in Utter Pradesh reported by English & Hindi media from Jan2012 to May2014, The brutal gang rape and murder of two Dalit girls of Badaun, UP has shocked the country. Debates & discussions are touching peaks. But atrocities against Dalits are a regular feature in the country. It is shameful & more barbaric attitude of the leaders of the country who are visiting as " DALIT ATROCITY TOURISM" to Dalit victims just for the political millage . In the case of Badayun is become more important just because it is more  BARBARIC ! Otherwise leaders from political parties do not have any concerns over the raising atrocities against Dalit just because of CASTE !

We have a very simple question before all leaders of political parties OF INDIA,

 How long Justice will be denied ? 

 (thanks to asifdutta)

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