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The great day will come

 "The great day and time will come" 🙏

Retd Economics  Prof Dr S Dharmaraj view on my writings.

Thanks Annaa.🙏🙏


Amma, vanakam, sending herewith my short views and comments on your  two books and your interview in the Tamil magazine INIYA UDAYAM.

Let me congratulate to you for your new Novel, 'MUGPHY'. I appreciate that the way, the manner, the style of bringing out the charecteristic  features of the two daughters namely, SaiFunniss and Zeenath of the great Mogal Emperor Aurengzeb, particulatrly in helping Sivaji Maharaj to escape from Muhal prison. That also brings out the inner ideas of Feminism of the auther and implicitely indicates the male domination of those days in the history of  India. The entire presentation of Muhal scenario is highly commendable. 


As regards the interview given to the journal of Inia-Udayam, it was all quite open, direct, without any hesitation or hiding any facts, the entire passage could be added to as one more feather on your cap of Tamil Literary work. The projecting and focussing of the then prevailing socio- economic scenario of Dharavi, Bombay is scholarly done.


Thirdly, " Saithiya Bhoomi"is a thought provoking out-come of the author.

After going through the entire book, word by word, letter by letter, nay, syllable by syllable with an indispensible emotion and commotion I give hereunder my humble opinion of Saithiya Bhoomi. The first half of the book, brings out  the evolutionary trend of Marathi land and native people, particularly of the Mahar community. It focusses the circumstances that caused for the emergence of the non-Bhramin movement invoving JothiRao Bhule, the remarkable and valuable contribution of Sahu Maharaj, the advent of Educational Institution, the scholarly contribution of the Great Pandithar Ayothi Dass, the fore-runner of Thanthai Periyar and Baba Saheb Dr.B.R Ambedkar, all that really stimulated the minds of first time reader like me very vibrantly and vehemently. While pursuing further, in to the subject matter the controdictionary as well as controversial ideas of how Chatrapathy Sivaji Maharaj and his Hindu Political Thoughts have been comparably analysed with that of Dravidian Political Philosophy, is another debatable issue. The second  half of Saithiya Bhoomi describes as to how Thanthai Periyar and his dutiful disciple Thiru. C.N. Annadurai of south have been conceptually influenced Dr.B.R.Ambedkar of North. At the end, on the 8th chapter, the auther has very brilliantly explained on how Baba Saheb has become northern periyar and how periyar has become southern Ambedkar. It was quite interesting to the reader that how Annadurai has translated the English speech delivered by Ambedkar into Tamil and the tamil speach delivered by periyar into English to the audiance and participants at the historical public meeting held at Dharavi on 7th January, 1940,for which Dr. Ambedkar presided over the meeting where periyar delivered on  socially significant speech on Brahminical aspects and attitude against non-bramins and down-trodden people of India. I surprised that how painfully, you have collected the required informations, materials, facts, figures and data for the compilation of your remarkable, Saithiya Bhoomi for the past several years by your hard work, is highly appriciable and your style of presentation is highly commendable. We both are very proud of you as our great scholar, perspective thinker and writer during our contemporary period of time. Keep it up your writing work on social and economic issues. The great Day and Time will come that you would be suitably awarded and rewarded. God bless you. 💐

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